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A Vocal Coach is part of a production’s Creative Team and works closely with performers to help liberate them.


  • Text / Diction
  • Rehearsals
  • Taking the Stage
  • Sound Equipment 
  • Recording in the Studio
  • Starting a Run or Going on Tour 

 Also help with various Vocal Challenges:

  • Enunciation 
  • Style
  • Vocal Technique
  • Emotion
  • Effective Delivery

  Usually the sessions are done in  Groups or One-on-One.

  Groups are usually formulated with like-minded individuals, working to a similar goal.

  The Group format can be of a Seminar, Workshop or Masterclass.



For Greek Vocalizing (Greek Phonetics and Greek Singing) I have created a “Virtual Class” in Edmodo (an educational technology company offering communication, collaboration, and coaching tools to K-12 schools and teachers). There, students can find “assignments”, ask questions and find material I post for upcoming lessons,  showcases etc. Moreover, they can ask questions and discuss topics relevant to the subject. The Groups are divided according to location but they are all under the Main Group entitled Greek Vocal Training. The great thing about this formula is that parents can also create an account and be part of it.









One-on-One Coaching is pretty straight forward. The Coach and the Talent  work together (unless the Talent is underaged, in which case they should be escorted by an adult). 

However, thanks to technology and Video Calling, One-on-One can be done In-Person or via Distant Coaching.


In-Person is a fundamental coaching tool. The Vocal Coach can assess the Talent and guides adjusting posture and using exercises from various techniques to best help and guide the performer. 


Distant Coaching is an amazing tool for a last-minute coaching or when away or on the road. It’s important to have in-person sessions because those will create a bond of trust as well as a Communication Channel between the Talent and the Vocal Coach.


Master Classes are more Technical and with a “hands-on” approach. Participants are Performers or Audience


Performers prepare (and submit before hand) a few pieces they would like to work on with the Coach.


The Audience can take notes and in the end ask Questions.


Masterclasses can be done on Contemporary Singing, Musical Theatre, Public Speaking, Greek Vocalizing etc.



Seminars usually run for a few days and focus – unless specifically requested – to General Vocal Challenges and Solutions. Seminars have no limit in number of participants.


Workshops are held with a small number of participants (6-12)  and can last from a few days to a number of weeks depending on the group level and the goals.

5⭐ Experience!

"Mr Alexandrou is a great vocal teacher. He helped me with my range and breath control! I highly recommend- ” ~ Simona O.


Better than you could ask for

"Christos really knows what he's doing - he's the real deal. He knows how to get you to where you want your vocals to be, and is really friendly along the way. It was fun, but never intimidating, working with him. 100% suggest!” ~ Caleb B.


Emotional tech specialist

"He focused on a more emotional aspect of singing. Even though my vocal technique is not completed, he gave me some hints to make my emotion develop among singing.” ~ Mare K.


"So Much Better"

"Christos really pushed me to go out of my comfort zone with my voice, and helped me to feel more comfortable belting.” ~ Maranda R.


My loving teacher!

"He is excellent ever!! His teaching is easy to understand. How to use the body, power, vowel... And also his character is great! I had a great experience. I really want to follow him !” ~ Aya N.


Passionate, demanding and professional

"I have been learning a lot with this vocal coach, now I understand and I know better how to work with my mix voice and how to communicate when I am singing. His experience and professional abilities are inspirational.” ~ Paloma D.



Christos made me a professional!

"I've been taking voice lessons from Christos for two years now and have booked serval professional gigs (including singing in a major film) because of him. His warm and kind demeanor lend themselves to his teaching style. It's amazing what he can pull out of you. You'd be a fool not to take from this man.” ~ Kenneth M.


I Definitely Recommend!

"I have worked with Christos on two different projects within the past year! — 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and 'Crossroads, a musical journey.' Christos is always a pleasure to work with; he is both professional (not in an intimidating way) and knows how to make you feel comfortable. I have worked with him in both private and group settings. Christos does a great job at addressing each person’s individual voice - - no matter what stage of their singing trajectory they are on. When you are able to implement his notes and exercises, you’ll be amazed by how much you have improved!” ~ Kevin R.


I love Christos' lessons!!

"I've learned a lot of things from him. I took many times his lessons. He has his method, I love that!! He is friendly, kind and great personality. When will meet again, I want to take his lessons :)” ~ Tomomi M.


Creme de la creme - the best of the best!

"He not only helped me to sing better but to sing healthier. Not only to reach a note but to reach an emotion. The why and the how. And all while being witty, funny and the amazing person he is.” ~ Paloma M.


I think he is a brilliant record producer.

"I'm not good at English, but his lesson was easy to understand. I was not an actor, I just helped a stage. I wanna help a stage again. And soon I want to take his lesson!” ~ Hiyori W.